About Us

Welcome to Rimorterra!

We hoped this trip would be eight to ten months travelling to Cairo to Cape Town.

   Starting out on October 12th 2010.

You may be thinking what? Why? When? Where? How long for?  

 Read our blog and please leave comments.

This trip began a long time ago in one of Andrew’s pipe dreams. He has always wanted to travel to see the world and experience its people.

With a passion for motorbikes, this seemed the perfect form of transport to achieve this.

This was helped by reading books by good friends who have done what we set out to do. So where are we going? We were looking for a challenging experience and Africa seemed to fit the bill. It’s a developing continent, unique, interesting and there are lots of places to be discovered. We intend to travel through Europe and down the east cost of Africa and arrive at Cape of Good Hope.

Having done some previous travelling this type of excursion has only been a possibility since it entered my head nearly three years ago when I meet Andrew. Soon to meet a great travelling community of friends, and I actually discovered I could do this too. Having had a bit of money saved we both began to ask ourselves not why should we stay? But why shouldn’t we go? How long for? Well neither of us knows, and neither of us wants to get older and be thinking I wish I would have done……….! With not having a valid excuses why not. So our trip will depend on money and health and as long as both are in good shape we will keep going. Hopefully our trip will make us more tolerant people and live a less materialistic lifestyle than we already do.

Please use the blog as a form of communication

Enjoy reading it and wish us all the best with Rimorterra.

Andrew & Diane xxxx